I met Diana when she wrote articles for the Wilsonville Times newspaper, covering Wilsonville in some of its biggest growth period. Diana has had her real estate license since 1989 and has been very successful for the over two decades that I have known her. She has been with several companies and has received the best of training. She's the newest addition to John Ludlow Realty.

Diana's education and business backgrounds have provided her with the ability to wade into extremely complex situations, be the calm at the eye of any storm and educate clients and customers to move methodically and carefully through a very involved process that most never do more than a few times in their lives.  She says that "the rewards from doing real estate are in helping people find the home that is truly suitable for their time of life--and lifestyle. The job is to be with them through the entire process of negotiating and purchasing that home, putting keys in their hands and knowing that the decisions made along the way were well thought out and understood by all. This process is usually an emotionally charged time of life and may result in the biggest investment most people ever make."

Diana will bring you through this process with ease, no matter how complicated the situation.

You can reach Diana at 503-625-5743.